Why the "tomcat" logo ?
I've always been an aviation buff and in my eyes, one of the most beautifull plane ever is the F-14 Tomcat. On all the different versions of this pilot patch, there always have been the same grey tomcat with 2 tails and carrying a gun. (2 tails like the F-14 and also because it is said to bring luck). The original wording were "anytime baby ! ".

Pourquoi le logo "tomcat" ?
J'ai toujours été également fasciné par l'aviation de chasse, et le F-14 est à mes yeux un des plus beaux appareils à avoir volé. Sur toutes les versions de ce patch, on retrouve le même chat à 2 queues et portant un pistolet à la ceinture. (2 queues comme le F-14 mais également car un chat à 2 queues est censé porter chance).
La phrase originale est "anytime baby ! ".


  1. The F-14 Tomcat is also my favorite aircraft!!!

  2. Love my days as the Flight Surgeon at VF-101, the Tomcat RAG, from '97 - '01... great squadron-mates and great flying.

    Anytime, Baby...!

  3. just a howdy from a TRAPS RIO from VF 14 Tophat