This winter, I spent a couple of days with the "Garde Republicaine" SWAT team near Paris. My story is published this month in French "Police Pro" and German "Kommando" magazines.


Another magazine cover for this month's Pro Sécurité.


I am back in town !
My week in the Caribbeans was absolutely INCREDIBLE.
I have shot literally thousands of pictures with everything I could have dream of : helicopter, airplane, boats, jungle, volcano... It has been an adrenaline rush 24/7 ;-)


Just a teaser from yesterday's shooting...
I'll be doing lot more with this unit when I am back home in 8 days.


500 fans on my Facebook page !
If it's not already done, go check it...
And let's not forget and have a thought for all the military or law enforcement operators that appears on my pictures and without whom I wouldn't be there ;-)
It is a pleasure and an honor working with you guys !


An old one, black ops, "James Bond style" with a silenced Glock.
The re-breather is the Aqualung CODE, much smaller than the usual FROG.


Back home for a couple of days !
I have spent 3 days with a great team. As usual, the guys did whatever they could to accommodate my photo requests and we had a great time. It is just a teaser as the story won't be published in the magazines before June.


French Foreign legion 2e REP "combat divers" coming out of the water on a Corsican beach near Calvi.


HK MP5 with class ;-)
Swiss Police protection detail at work (DPR).


My pictures on the cover of Guntradeworld magazine. It is an advertising I made for my Irish friends from Daniel Technologies.