Sniper with anti-thermal ghillie suit.
Italian Special Forces "Col Moschin".
Flashbang magazine

French Navy combat divers "Commando Hubert".
Flashbang magazine

Italian Army Special Forces "Col Moschin".
Flashbang magazine

French Navy combat divers "Commando Hubert".
Flashbang magazine


Rio de Janeiro's Civilian Police CORE is also in our volume 3.


Are you guys ready for that volume 3 of Flashbang or what ?


Rio de Janeiro's Civilian Police special unit "CORE".


This issue N° 3 is Looooong overdue...
But the wait is almost over now
Here is another teaser for the Italian Special Forces "Col Moschin".
It is a great unit that you don't want to miss.


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Volume 1
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It is with tremendous sadness that I have learned today the passing of Officer David Vanbuskirk, 36, a Search & Rescue medic With Las Vegas Metro Police Department.
He died while saving a stranded hiker on Mount Charleston, Nevada, US.
I have had the honor and pleasure to meet him last January while shooting LVMPD SWAT for Flashbang, and there was even a couple of pictures of him in the magazine.
He was a hero who dedicated his life to save other's.
My thoughts are with his family and team.

RIP Officer


For the SIG fans out there ;-)


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Monday treat !


Belgium Federal Police ESI / DSU


Cover for the Flashbang's summer edition :
- Italian Special Forces "Col Moschin"
- Rio de Janeiro Police special unit "CORE"
- Vancouver Police Department "ERT"


The third unit in the summer edition of FLASHBANG Magazine is Italian Special Forces "Col Moschin".


And the second unit to be featured in Flashbang volume 3 is...
Rio de Janeiro Civilian Police Special Unit "CORE".


This is the first unit to be featured in Flashbang volume 3.
Vancouver Police Department Emergency Response Team.


Just a recap of the first issue of Flashbang before we start announcing the content of N°3...


For those of you who have missed the first issues of Flashbang.
N°3 will be out soon


You'd better do what the big guy says ;-)
(French combat diver "Commando Hubert" by the way).


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Behind the scene: Photo-shooting with French Navy combat divers "Commando Hubert" for Flashbang N°2.
At this time, they were just back from a tour in Afghanistan.


A compilation of the covers that I made over a year for Police Pro magazine.
I don't have time to work as a free-lance photographer anymore because of my new magazine, but you can find my work in FLASHBANG ;-)



A picture I initially made for AIMPOINT made it on the cover of this month's French magazine "Police Pro".


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Oops, I totally forgot to post the cover of the second issue of the magazine (!).
- French Navy combat divers "Commando Hubert"
- Belgium national counter terrorism team  "ESI/DSU"

Las Vegas Metro Police SWAT, as seen in Flashbang magazine.
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I totally forgot to update this blog ;-)

Let's start with Las Vegas Metro Police Department SWAT.
They are one of the 3 units that are featured in the new issue of Flashbang.


Singapore Police Force "STAR" in action.
Don't forget that you can access  a 14 pages PDF preview of the magazine or the website.


Swedish Piketen, as seen in Flashbang.
Of course, the best pictures are in the magazine ;-)


An "old" picture of mine made the cover of a French magazine this month.


Singapore's Police Force tip of the spear "STAR" unit, training for maritime assault.
More in Flashbang.


French Police Nationale "RAID" storming a plane.
More in the curent issue of FLASHBANG.
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It has been nothing but an honor and a privilege to work with them and I hope that my respect for who they are and what they do will show in my pictures.

With FLASHBANG released quarterly, each edition will allow you to embark on an incredible journey across the planet to discover some of the best, most operational police or military units, revealing how they relentlessly prepare for the worst and train to be the best to protect us all.

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Sweet transition to the new year, stay safe and don't forget to check my page in January. Just before shot show I will unveil something interesting for all special forces/tactical teams photography enthusiasts !