Did you guys check my new magazine ?

FLASHBANG is very different from existing publications on the market :

- 160 pages
- over 400 exclusives and never seen pictures
- no advertising !
- high quality printing and paper
- 4 issues per year
- 3 units from all over the world in each issue
- worldwide distribution
- very few (english) texts

Those units, sometimes very discreet and seldom photographed, granted me their trust and have accepted to share a glimpse into their incredible lives.
It has been nothing but an honor and a privilege to work with them and I hope that my respect for who they are and what they do will show in my pictures.

With FLASHBANG released quarterly, each edition will allow you to embark on an incredible journey across the planet to discover some of the best, most operational police or military units, revealing how they relentlessly prepare for the worst and train to be the best to protect us all.

FLASHBANG will be officially unveiled at Shot Show on January 15th (booth 20617) and will be then available for order on a dedicated website very shortly after that:


There will also be plenty of info and news on the Facebook page :


If you have ever appreciated my work, please forward this  to your contacts and/or post on the forums and web sites of interest that you know.
It will only take you 5' and it will mean the world to me ;-)

Again, not only there is no advertising in the magazine, but a percentage of the proceeds from all sales will be donated to each unit association or to the non-profit organization of their choice.

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