Special forces in Multicam with FNH SCAR and Minimi.


Swiss Police DPR hand to hand / self defense training in their Dojo.


After being published is German magazine "Kommando", my story and pics about Swiss Police DPR team (close protection detail) is now featured in French "Police Pro".


Ready to ride !
Rappelling looks much cooler than fast roping, but tactically it is far less efficient...
A bit too slow and too complicated with all the equipment, so in a real world situation, they would rather use the fast rope. 
But still, it looks a bit like "blackhawk down" to ride like this ;-)


GIGG operators gathered for a briefing in front of the EC 635 helicopter, prior to the exercise.


Second day of fast rope training with GIGG.
Geneva's lake looked and felt a bit like the north sea and I was soaking wet after 5mn on the RIB boat...
The Swiss Air Force pilot did his job and nobody ended in the water ;-)
As usual with those guys, everything was smooth and professional.


I have spent another nice day with the guys from swiss GIGG.
They had a Swiss Air Force EC 635 helicopter to train with all day, but unfortunately it was a rather poor weather with rain and wind... Well, the helicopter could still fly and we had good fun anyway.
We'll do it again tomorrow but on the lake this time, so more to come later ;-)


French Gendarmerie "PI2G" (Peloton d'intervention de seconde génération) operator with B&T 40mm grenade launcher and Aimpoint Micro T1 red dot.



Multicam combat diver with FNH SCAR, AIMPOINT Comp M4 and 3X MAG.


French special forces 1er RPIMA INVEX squadron training for CQB in their kill house.