So it is no secret anymore, one of the units I have visited at the beginning of the summer is French Foreign Legion 2e REP (deuxième régiment étranger parachutiste).
An elite within an elite, the légionaires parachutistes are a mythical unit and it was an honor to be accepted there with my friend Soeren, chief redactor for german magazine "Kommando".
I'll be developing the story later with plenty of pics...
 "Legio Patria Nostra !"

(the cover of the magazine is one of my pics, modified by the very talented Tom Weber).


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French Police Nationale operators from GIPN 33.


French Police officer from BAC (brigade anti criminalité), armed with a B&T GL06 40 mm launcher. The launcher has been widely adopted by french law enforcement agencies for crowd control.


Operators from GIPN 33 (Bordeaux) with HK G36.


Something a bit different for a change: Cougar helicopter cockpit.


Special operator with a FNH SCAR.
Covering his back, the second operator is also using a SCAR but with a B&T suppressor.


Police officers from BAC 69 (Brigade Anti-Criminalité de Lyon).


Combat diver using a STIDD DPD (Diver Propulsion Device) on surface.
The DPD enables Divers to travel farther and faster with more payload. 
It is known to be used by US Navy SEALS.


Operator with FN SCAR and grenade launcher attached, wearing  CRY Precision combat shirt and pants in Multicam. His Opscore helmet is stored in his EAGLE backpack.


Operator from french Gendarmerie PI2G (peloton d'intervention de seconde génération).
PI2G are Gendarmerie's regional intervention groups, equivalent to GIPN for Police Nationale.


Sniper with a swiss Brügger SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) 300 Whisper carbine.