VIP extraction aboard a Swiss Air Force Super Puma helicopter for those Police officers from the close protection details unit (DPR). Armed with HK MP5 and Glock 19.


A French Foreign legion paratrooper "combat diver" from 2e REP is coming out of the water on a Corsican beach near Calvi during a night exercise.
The camo net is a very simple, yet very efficient piece of equipment used by most combat divers to break their silhouette.


Eric at soldiersystems.net kindly presented my work on his famous blog, and I see there is already a lot of visitors coming from there.
Welcome if it is your first visit, enjoy, share the address with your friends and come back often as there will be some major updates with plenty of new pics in 2012 !

This one is specially dedicated to Eric and our friend Pascal ;-)


French Foreign Legion NCO from 2e REP aiming is FAMAS during an exercise in the Corsican mountains.


I have updated and refreshed a bit my web site :


Last week, I have spent 3 days with the "Peloton d'Intervention de la Garde Républicaine" (SWAT team from the Gendarmerie honor guard that is on duty at the President's "Palais de l'Élysée".
Small team of great guys that will soon be send to French Guyana for a 3 months mission.
I'll publish a couple of teaser pics, but you will discover them later in both French magazine Police pro and German magazine Kommando.


I promise, this one is the last "new year" card that I've been doing for a unit ;-)
I'll explain later who this not very well known unit is.


Downed helicopter pilot equipped with the latest MSA-Gallet flight helmet, an Eagle Industries CIACS vest and a FN P90 as a self-defense weapon.


And the last one is for a team I have worked with a couple of times also, PI2G from Toulouse.


This one was for Bordeaux's GIPN.
"Old" pics because I didn't get the chance to work with them lately. Hopefully I will in 2012 ;-)


Another one for GIGG snipers team this time.


Happy new year !
Stay safe in 2012, especially if you are a law enforcement officer or if you are in the military.
As usual during this period of the year, I have been designing a couple of greetings cards for some units. Nothing too fancy because we were a bit in a hurry, but here you go.

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