A French Foreign legion paratrooper "combat diver" from 2e REP is coming out of the water on a Corsican beach near Calvi during a night exercise.
The camo net is a very simple, yet very efficient piece of equipment used by most combat divers to break their silhouette.


  1. You disturbs Viktor. I already for a long time with huge interest visit(attend) yours áëîã > I am engaged èçãîòîâëäåíèåì of a military miniature. Initially we did(made) very many figures Russian Spetsnaz, but now I began to be interested and èíîñòàðííûìè in special divisions. Whether I wanted to learn(find out) there is no at you an image øòóðìîâãî of a board from the inside? I want to make a figure of the French special division and now I collect the information on their equipment.
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    Best regards. Vik.

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