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...And even more from the same shooting : French Police Nationale GIPN from Lyon.


French Police Nationale GIPN (Lyon), as seen in this month's magazine "Police Pro".


Here is the original picture of GIPN used on the cover of the magazine.


The magazine is already out for sale, so here is one of the pictures from GIPN de Lyon.
Like every team that I have had the privilege to work with, they were very helpful and patient and did a great job ;-)


This month, French Police is celebrating the 40th anniversary of it's GIPN teams. You can read about them in "Police Pro", where I have a big article and the cover. I was allowed to follow the team from Lyon for a couple of days.


From another commercial photo-shooting that I did a couple of weeks ago.


This one is a surprising but cool looking combination of a classy suit and a SIG 552 assault rifle ! (those are my good friends at Geneva's police "DPR").


More from the same commercial photo-shooting in the Caribbeans. I am not at liberty to say more for now :-)


From a photo shooting in the jungle... I should be able to unveil more details soon.


So I did another commercial photo-shooting for KRISS this week end and they are already using one of my pictures on their FB page : http://www.facebook.com/KRISSArms?ref=pb


Sorry for being in silent mode again... I was away all week, shooting another top unit that I can't mention for now...
But here is something for you: drug bust, Caribbean style :-)


Ready to board the plane...
French Gendarmerie "GPI" in Guadeloupe.


40mm less lethal grenade launcher, used during  a cargo ship assault by GPI Gendarmes (French west Indies).


A big article of mine made the cover of Police Pro magazine.
I will post much more pics soon...


This is one of the pictures that was published in full page in the last issue of French magazine "Police Pro". Operator from Gendarmerie PI2G (Orange) with HK UMP.
I'll have another big article in the next issue of the magazine at the end of the month.


Very simple, but I like the composition of this one (?).
Again, Swiss GIGG. (Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie Genevoise).


I was away all week for another oversea assignment.
I hope you have missed your dose of "tactical" pictures ;-)


You can download one of my pictures as a wallpaper on the new DEFIANCE web site :http://www.defiance-ops.com/


"Second circle" heavy protection by GIGG, in front of Vladimir Poutine's limousine during an official visit in Switzerland.


Coming soon in a magazine...


Sniper from French Gendarmerie PI2G (Orange) with a Tikka rifle.


Watch your six !


Finally back home after a long and great week of photo shooting.
Let's get back in the race with this sniper from a Gendarmerie intervention group.


My story about French PI2G from Orange is published in this month's "Police Pro" magazine. The picture is rather small but it's all I got for now.


I am going to disappear again next week for another photo shooting. Let's publish a couple more pics while I am still in the office ;-)


I am not gonna lie and tell you it's been another day at the office yesterday ;-)
I will publish a complete story about this unit in a magazine in the coming months.


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Swiss Police GIGG fast roping onto a boat from an EC 635 helicopter. Geneva lake.


More from the same unit: PI2G (Peloton d'Intervention Interrégional de la Gendarmerie).


This one is part of a unit that will be featured in the magazines next month.


So yesterday, I am with this unit for a photo shooting that we had planed in advance, we are having a coffee, watching my pictures on my ipad and suddenly all hell break loose, the guys are running everywhere and in less than 10 minutes, I am seating in an armored truck, wearing a ballistic vest and a helmet and we are speeding through the city with 2 motorcycles "opening" the road onto a real mission !
That was an interesting afternoon ;-)


Sometimes, they just have the perfect look for the job ;-)
Again, Swiss VIP protection detail (DPR) with Sig 553.


Swiss VIP protection team operator, training on Geneva's airport with a SIG 553.


More from the same unit (Peloton d'intervention de la Garde Républicaine).


This winter, I spent a couple of days with the "Garde Republicaine" SWAT team near Paris. My story is published this month in French "Police Pro" and German "Kommando" magazines.


Another magazine cover for this month's Pro Sécurité.


I am back in town !
My week in the Caribbeans was absolutely INCREDIBLE.
I have shot literally thousands of pictures with everything I could have dream of : helicopter, airplane, boats, jungle, volcano... It has been an adrenaline rush 24/7 ;-)


Just a teaser from yesterday's shooting...
I'll be doing lot more with this unit when I am back home in 8 days.


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And let's not forget and have a thought for all the military or law enforcement operators that appears on my pictures and without whom I wouldn't be there ;-)
It is a pleasure and an honor working with you guys !


An old one, black ops, "James Bond style" with a silenced Glock.
The re-breather is the Aqualung CODE, much smaller than the usual FROG.


Back home for a couple of days !
I have spent 3 days with a great team. As usual, the guys did whatever they could to accommodate my photo requests and we had a great time. It is just a teaser as the story won't be published in the magazines before June.


French Foreign legion 2e REP "combat divers" coming out of the water on a Corsican beach near Calvi.


HK MP5 with class ;-)
Swiss Police protection detail at work (DPR).


My pictures on the cover of Guntradeworld magazine. It is an advertising I made for my Irish friends from Daniel Technologies.


From a job I did recently  for Sphinx pistols.


The full story is going to be published soon in French Police Pro magazine and German Kommando.


Legionnaire paratrooper from 2e REP, training before a deployment in Afghanistan.


Swiss GIGG in an Airbus A320.


I was lucky to be chosen by a German watch company for their new advertising !