one of my favorite pics. Not a very "aggressive" shot but I kinda like the atmosphere, a bit like in an old movie. And of course, yes, it is French Legionnaire with his "k├ępi blanc".


What would you like to see next ?

I have some very interesting stuff coming up this year and you won't be disappointed, but I was wondering, if you could choose, witch unit would you like me to visit and "shoot" ?
European, American, Asian, wherever, just name it and who knows, I might be able to do it :-)
"Night" operator with Brugger suppressed MP9.


I am going to make a PVC / rubber patch that I am going to use as a gift / souvenir when I am working with a new unit. I still hesitate on the quantity to be made and I was wondering if there would be an interest for you guys ?
The price would be no more than 5€ or 6$ to cover the cost and allow me to make more of them.
Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think (?).


A couple of months ago, I had the privilege to spend some time with the guys from Geneva's Police VIP protection detail (DPR).
I believe I am the one who should be grateful, but today they presented me with a beautiful knife, engraved with my name and the unit logo. How cool is that ? Thank you gentlemen ! (I'll try and take a picture of the knife when I have time).

This is another preview from the the KRISS shooting that I made last Sunday.
I'll post more when they are ready to unveil it.



My pictures and story about Swiss Police special forces "GIGG" have been very popular, and they are also published in the excellent Polish magazine " Special-ops".
Find more about GIGG helicopter training in the current issue of German magazine Kommando.


I have been hired By KRISS to do some commercial photo shooting for them.
Very innovative, interesting weapons.
And they look sexy like hell on pictures !
(you can also check their Facebook page).


Go GIGG ! Those guys were awesome. They welcomed me for several photo shooting and did everything they could so that I could get the best images.

If you read French, check the last issue of Police pro magazine. I have a nice 12 pages article about Geneva 's Police intervention group with plenty of pics. I'll share some later ;-)


Legionnaire paratrooper from 2e REP with fully equipped FAMAS ( Aimpoint, laser pointer and tactical grip).


"Tools of the trade" for DPR operators :
- SIG 553 LB riffle (5.56 mm) with Trijicon ACOG 4x32 TA31F / vertical grip and bipod / one point tactical sling.
- 9mm GLOCK 19 pistol with tritium sights.


Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Poutine, protected by Swiss DPR agents during an official visit at the UN in Geneva.


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Close-up on a GIGG (Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie genevoise) operator, armed with an HK MP5 and Aimpoint Comp M3.