Multicam sniper and spotter with FNH SCAR and Schmidt Bender scope.


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Like GIGN, RAID operators can now use military Puma helicopters. They belong and are operated by "COS" (Commandement des opérations spéciales), the french "SOCOM".
That is a great tactical advantage for them, and that day they were particularly training for air assault by rope.


Ready for the morning revue with those legionnaires from 2e REP second (mountain) company.


This would make a nice advertising for the Audi Q7  ;-)


GIPN (Groupe d'Intervention de la Police Nationale) officers. The first one is armed with a Brugger & Thomet MP9 submachine gun + Aimpoint Micro T1 red dot.


French Foreign Legion 2e REP "combat diver", on a coast near Calvi, Corsica.
Very simple equipment for this training mission : FAMAS and Aqualung FROG re-breather.


Armed with a Glock 19, this GIGG operator is checking the Airbus A320 seats for any hidden "Tango".


Up in the mountains with legionnaires from 2e REP.
The surrounding is beautiful, but training is taken very seriously because the men know that soon they'll be in Afghanistan again, sometimes for a second or 3rd tour.
No fancy equipment here, just the "old" FAMAS and a backpack for some basic infantry tactics movements. The Legion is a very "rustic" troop and is internationally respected for that.


In July, I was also allowed to spend 48 H with French Army combat divers during their qualification course. They were coming from different special forces and foreign legion regiments and will be back to their units once qualified.
The story is featured in this month's RAIDS with one of my pics on the cover.