Swiss Police GIGG fast roping onto a boat from an EC 635 helicopter. Geneva lake.


More from the same unit: PI2G (Peloton d'Intervention Interr├ęgional de la Gendarmerie).


This one is part of a unit that will be featured in the magazines next month.


So yesterday, I am with this unit for a photo shooting that we had planed in advance, we are having a coffee, watching my pictures on my ipad and suddenly all hell break loose, the guys are running everywhere and in less than 10 minutes, I am seating in an armored truck, wearing a ballistic vest and a helmet and we are speeding through the city with 2 motorcycles "opening" the road onto a real mission !
That was an interesting afternoon ;-)


Sometimes, they just have the perfect look for the job ;-)
Again, Swiss VIP protection detail (DPR) with Sig 553.


Swiss VIP protection team operator, training on Geneva's airport with a SIG 553.


More from the same unit (Peloton d'intervention de la Garde R├ępublicaine).