French Police Nationale GIPN (Lyon), as seen in this month's magazine "Police Pro".


Here is the original picture of GIPN used on the cover of the magazine.


The magazine is already out for sale, so here is one of the pictures from GIPN de Lyon.
Like every team that I have had the privilege to work with, they were very helpful and patient and did a great job ;-)


This month, French Police is celebrating the 40th anniversary of it's GIPN teams. You can read about them in "Police Pro", where I have a big article and the cover. I was allowed to follow the team from Lyon for a couple of days.


From another commercial photo-shooting that I did a couple of weeks ago.


This one is a surprising but cool looking combination of a classy suit and a SIG 552 assault rifle ! (those are my good friends at Geneva's police "DPR").