Special forces operator with FN-Herstal SCAR and FN40GL grenade launcher attached.


I had never worked with a Bomb squad / NEDEX unit before, but I think the heavy protection suit makes for some interesting pics.
It is another story that you'll read later this year in the magazines I am working with.


Combat diver with OMG rebreather and FN SCAR 


Kinda reminds me of Apocalypse now;-)
There is a very interesting unit behind this one...
But I can't give you too much details yet !
It was another absolute thrill to spend the day with them, in and around this helicopter.


The making of a picture...
One of the operators "shot" me with his iphone from the ground while I was working with his buddies.
Not very comfortable at first but that was great fun !
The second pic is the result shot (one of many !)

I have been lucky to work with several different fantastic units in the past weeks and I have literally thousands of new pictures. They will be published in some articles that I am writing for my friend's magazines : Kommando, Police Pro and RAIDS.

I am going to have a busy summer with a lot of photo shooting planned, so stay tuned, check the blog often and show it to your friends :-)


Houston SWAT sniper